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Canmore 2017

Please note that Vino Novellus will not be held this year in Canmore (March 2017) due to low sales and enthusiasm last year. We are currently in the process of revamping the event to make it smaller and more sustainable and hope to offer it again soon. Contact us at with questions.

Canmore 2016

Thursday March 24th, 2016
The Rose and Crown's Dining Room - 7 PM

749 Railway Ave, Canmore

David Chaundy-Smart
Above the Reich

A young alpinist from Munich,
1937, struggles against the
tide of history to stay among
the peaks, a higher, peaceful, realm.
Even as his world is torn apart.

Jocey Asnong
Nuptse and Lhotse
- Go To Iceland

While digging in their garden,
Nuptse and Lhotse uncover an ancient
Viking helmet. Excited by their discovery,
the two cats make their way to Iceland
to find out more about the Vikings.

Layla Messner

Meet the three teenagers responsible
for sinking Atlantis: Kaliope, Danica,
Chiaran; three antiheroes, a forbidden
love triangle, and an island about to sink.
This is a darkly sensual fairy tale about
growing up against all odds.

Mike Lauchlan
A Jazz Guide to Banff

Ravi, a jazz trumpet player at
the Banff Centre for the Arts,
gets mixed up with the ghosts
of the Banff Springs Hotel
in all the wrong ways.

Jeremy Kroeker
Motorcycle Messengers

Motorcycle Messengers is a collection
of travel stories from some of the
leading writers in genre. plus a few
people you've never heard of.
Stuff a copy into your saddlebag.

Miji Campbell
Separation Anxiety:
A Coming of Middle Age Story

The woman in this book is not famous.
The events of her life are not tragic.
The setting is not exotic.
This is an ordinary story.
Which makes it an extraordinary memoir.

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Canmore 2015

Thursday March 19th, 2015
The Rose and Crown's Dining Room - 7 PM

749 Railway Ave, Canmore

Jeff Long
Too Close to God

The selected mountain tales of this
New York Times Best-selling author
of books such as The Wall,
The Descent, The Ascent,
and Angels of Light
and including a behind-the-scenes
look at creating the stories
and the screenplays.

Jocey Asnong
Nuptse and Lhotse
- Go To The Rockies

When Mrs. Jasper, a very large
grizzly bear, loses her twin cubs
Yoho and Kootenay between Paradise Valley
and The Valley of the Ten Peaks,
she needs Nuptse and Lhotse
to help her find them.

Jamey Glasnovic
Lost and Found

A spirited amble by bicycle and on foot,
Lost and Found explores the heart of
the Rocky Mountain Parks and examines
the consequences of celebrating that
beauty too effectively with mass tourism
and over-ambitious development.

Angie Abdou

An intriguing, searing portrait
of two women from two different cultures,
satirizing contemporary love, marriage,
and parenthood by exposing the sense of
entitlement and superiority at the heart
of upper-middle-class existence.

Keith Liggett
The Fernie Originals

Keith Liggett and Henry Georgi
team up for another cookbook,
The Fernie Originals. Their first book,
Island Lake Lodge: the cookbook
garnered best selling status in Canada
and an International Gourmand Award
for the Best Photography in 2009.

Gwendolyn Richards
Pucker: A Cookbook for Citrus Lovers

That citrus kiss, that tang,
that pucker, it makes some of
us swoon. Pucker is for the
citrus lovers amongst us who'd
gladly pass over chocolate or
caramel for a lemon meringue or
key lime pie.

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Canmore 2014

Thursday March 20th, 2014
The Rose and Crown's Dining Room - 7 PM

749 Railway Ave, Canmore

Jennifer Ellis
A Pair of Docks

Science fiction fantasy for all ages
exploring Einstein's Theory of Relativity,
the meaning of time, the potential for
parallel universes, and the boundary between
science and witchcraft.

Karsten Heuer
Rock, Paper, Fire

The Canadian Rockies have always spoken
to the adventurous, drawing wilderness
seekers and artists from all over.
This anthology holds the best stories
from the Banff Centre's Mountain andbr> Wilderness Writing Program.

Lynn Martel
Tales and Trails

Waking up in tents and backcountry huts;
hiking and skiing up val­leys, over passes
and across glaciers; rock climbing; biking;
caving; paddling and horseback riding
These are adventures for everyone.

David Stevenson
Letters from Chamonix

International climbing tales from by–gone eras
to the present that speak of the essence of
mountain adventure as much as the routes
themselves. Each short story is as applicable
as the next to today's mountaineer.

Kim McCullough

A peaceful move to a northern Manitoba lake,
but beneath the surface powerful undercurrents
battle at the young characters, who struggle
against consequences to stay true and make
another try at acceptance, and maybe happiness.

Jeremy Kroeker
Through Dust and Darkness

Jeremy is a Mennonite with a motorcycle.
When his Christian faith begins to shift,
Kroeker hops on his bike to seek answers
oscillating through Germany, Austria, Croatia,
Albania, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

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Canmore 2013

Thursday March 21st, 2013
The Rose and Crown's Dining Room - 7 PM

749 Railway Ave, Canmore

Jerry Auld
Short Peaks

33 brief mountain tales: from
angels on summits to ghosts on ledges,
from the Himalaya to the Andes,
to the forgotten peaks and the Rockies,
these tales touch on a mountain's many forms.

Fred Stenson
The Great Karoo

1900. Three western Canadian cowboys
take their horses and head for South Africa,
where Britain and its allies are trying to
wrest control of the region's gold and
diamonds from the tough South-African Boers.

J. Monroe Thorington
The Glittering Mountains of Canada

A Record of Exploration and Pioneer
Ascents in the Canadian Rockies, 1914-1924.
A story that has never been properly gathered
together, and whose details, in part at least,
are gone forever.

Katie Mitzel
The Skoki Cookbook

Creative and colourful dishes
presented with a side of history,
a dash of noteworthy tidbits and
a handful of gorgeous photographs.

Jerry Kobalenko
Arctic Eden

A set of journeys through the High Arctic
by foot, skis and kayak gives an intimate
portrait in words and pictures of this
most beautiful part of the North.

Stephen Legault
The Third Riel Conspiracy

It is the spring of 1885 and rebellion
has broken out in Canada's North West
Territories. Amid the chaos and strife
of the Battle of Batoche, Reuben Wake
is murdered: shot at point blank range.

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Essex County 2012

Thursday June 14th, 2012
Pelee Island Winery - 7 PM

455 Seacliff Drive (County Road #20), Kingsville, Ontario
Phone: (519) 733-6551

Bill Sherk
Keep Up If You Can

Confessions of a high school
teacher is a light-hearted and
touching memoir that will
appeal to anyone who’s had a
special teacher impact their life.

Taking the ‘Lectric
Robert Lynch

The story of the Windsor, Essex
and Lake Shore Rapid Railway, an
electric street car system that
ran through Essex County to
Leamington during the first
quarter of the 20th century..

Trevor Price

A vividly detailed biography of Tecumseh,
including in-depth accounts and descriptions
of Tecumseh’s early life, Indian customs, his
relationship with his brother “The Prophet”
and events during the War of 1812.

Tom Omstead
The Red Wing Sings

The US Armed Forces invade Canada
for `security`. Discovering the
lost diary of Sir Isaac Brock,
strategist of the War of 1812,
our hero learns the strategies
to drive out the invaders.

Butler’s Rangers
Music by Dale Butler, David Light & Tim Logsdon

Performing original War of 1812 songs written by Peter Boyer and Dale Butler.

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Canmore 2012

Thursday March 22nd, 2012
The Rose and Crown's Dining Room - 7 PM

749 Railway Ave, Canmore

In our third year, we toated six exceptional writers in one of our strongest line-ups, to a packed dining room at the Rose and Crown.
Wine, food, books, and readings - a fine evening.

Bernadette Macdonald
Freedom Climbers

A group of extraordinary
Polish adventurers emerge
from under the blanket of oppression
following the Second World War
to become the world's leading Himalayan climbers.

Peter Learn

A defunct school mascot,
Chester the Beaver, comes back
to haunt the school principal
responsible for his demise.

Susan Toy
Islands in the Clouds

An ex-pat property manager
on the Caribbean island of Bequia,
with a secret past left behind in Canada,
is now the suspect in a brutal murder.

Margo Talbot
All That Glitters

A world-renowned ice climber rises
from the brink of suicidal depression
in a jail cell to being envied by a client
in Antarctica for having a “dream life”.

Tom Omstead
The Red Wing Sings

The US Armed Forces invade Canada
for `security`. Discovering the
lost diary of Sir Isaac Brock,
strategist of the War of 1812,
our hero learns the strategies
to drive out the invaders.

Micheal Vlessides
The Ice Pilots

Buffalo Airways operates from a
frontier town perched on the edge
of a wilderness so vast and remote
that only a minute percentage of humankind
ever gets to see it, let alone work in it.

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Canmore 2011

March 20th, 2011
Alpine Club of Canada's Clubhouse - 7 PM

In our Sophomore effort, we held court at the gorgeous Alpine Club of Canada's grand room, standing upon the hearth of the fireplace to tell our tales. Maybe it has always been this way. Luckily, there was no fire lit.
But much wine raised and a few, very good stories, were told.

Christine Thorpe
The Fact of Belonging

A story of a mother and daughter,
of redemption and survival
exploring the difficulty of love
and the search of meaning in the
apparently random events of life.

   Rob Alexander
The History of Canmore

Founded by the CPR in 1883, Canmore
has a history of reinventing itself: from
railway divisional point to coal mining to resort town.
Explored in this:
the only book on Canmore’s colourful history.

   Jeremy Kroeker
Motorcycle Therapy

From the Canadian Rockies to the
Panamanian jungle, "Motorcycle Therapy"
rumbles with comic adventure as two men,
fleeing failed relationships, test
the limits of their motorcycles
and their friendship.

   Angie Abdou
The Canterbury Trail

A mishmash of snow-enthusiasts meet
at a backwoods cabin - from the ski bum
to the urbanite – and embark on a
bizarre adventure that walks the line
between comedy and tragedy.

   Stephen Legault
The Darkening Archipelago

Book two in the Cole Blackwater Mystery series.
Now Archie Ravenwing is presumed dead
in the shadowy depths of British Columbia’s
Broughton Archipelago, Cole uncovers a conspiracy
that sweeps us along on a race to
salvage human souls and wild ecosystems.

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Canmore 2010

March 19th, 2010
Café Books, Canmore - 7 PM

This was our first big showing, and we packed the room. With a warm night in March, we had 150 people come to taste and hear the passionate vines of Canmore storytellers.
Standing room only, and some standing outside, this one made us realize:
we have to do this again!

Robert Sandford
Restoring the Flow

The solutions to break the vicious
circle that threatens our water sources
We can do it with humour.
We can do it with style.
And we can do it with grace.

Stephen Bown
Merchant Kings

Through the Age of Heroic Commerce,
from the 17th to the 19th centuries,
a rogue’s gallery of larger-than-life
merchant kings ruled vast tracts of the globe.

Jocey Asnong
Nuptse and Lhotse

The fantastic story of Nuptse
and Lhotse, two cats who find
themselves on their way to the
highest mountain in the world.

Helen Rose
53 Grove Road

Based on the true story of a
woman's search for understanding
and belonging, portraying her struggle
to survive her adoption into an
abusive and alcoholic home.

Karsten Heuer
Finding Farley

Work in Progress
Finding Farley is a young family’s
cross-Canada adventure to visit
Canadian literary legend,
Farley Mowat,
in a most unusual way.

Samantha Warwick
Sage Island

Nineteen-year-old Savanna Mason
finds release and security in
swimming, believing it has the
power to change her world.

Lynn Martel
Expedition to the Edge

60 compelling stories that uniquely
capture the exploits, hardships,
fears and personal insights of
contemporary adventurers as they
explore remote wilderness landscapes.

Jerry Auld
Hooker & Brown

Part adventure story, part historical
mystery, Hooker & Brown is a fictional
narrative based on a true story of the
Canadian Rockies.

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